Wheel Hub Assemblies

Wheel Hub Assemblies

Wheel Hub Assemblies

The performance of a vehicle’s wheel depends highly on the performance of wheel hub assemblies. Hub assemblies are safety-critical components on any vehicle. When it’s time to replace them, you’ll want hub assembly replacements that provide similar performance and quality as the originals your vehicle left the factory with. With many brand alternatives in the market, a smart choice can be difficult. WJB’s hub assemblies are tested 100% according to OE specifications to keep your vehicles moving safely and efficiently at an affordable cost. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between the price you pay and the performance you receive, WJB is the definite choice

Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Generations-WJB Automotive

Manufacturing Process

  • Bearing assembly using automatic machines
  • Machines are developed for production of OE hub and wheel bearings
  • Turning and grinding machines are imported from Europe, Korea and USA for better precision
  • Products are verified using state of the art in-house test labs
  • ABS sensor output is automatically checked 100% according to OE specifications after sensor assembly
  • Rolling element and raceways are measured and selected to ensure the proper bearing preload after assembly

Bearing Features

  • Steel is supplied only from top quality steel plants with audited cleanliness and material composition
  • Rolling elements and internal geometry are designed according to OE specifications and verified with fatigue calculations and bench testing
  • Hubs are designed to meet stringent fatigue requirements to reduce premature failure
  • All self-retained hub units are tested to maximize the orbital forming strength
  • Seal material and design is optimized to perform in harsh environments

Quality Features

  • 100% automatic rotating vibration check to identify internal defects or contamination
  • 100% inspection of critical interface dimensions using automatic machines or masks
  • Factories are certified to ISO/TS 16949
  • Incoming material and components are tested, measured and inspected to ensure fit and function
WJB Roll Formed Hub Assembly

Rolled Formed Hub Assembly

To increase the durability and performance of a hub assembly, and to prevent artificial mistake of improper torqueing, Roll Forming Technology was innovated. Roll forming technology provides precise bearing preload and improved overall strength to the hub assembly for secure clamping to the CV joint and knuckle for optimum vehicle safety

WJB Automotive’s Roll Formed Hub Assemblies are manufactured under rigorously controlled manufacturing processes with high quality raw materials to ensure optimal strength and preload.

  • Precise bearing preload and assembly tolerances
  • Improves vehicle steering accuracy
  • Higher dynamic and static loading
  • Curling Thickness is thicker than average roll formed hub assemblies in the market
  • Large slinger diameter of spindle, larger OD diameter of inner ring, smaller diameter of hub, which enhanced the stability of ball contact trail at big lateral force
WJB HD Hub Assembly

WJB HD Hub Assemblies

Roll forming technology is only part of the overall enhancements WJB made to its hub assembly line. The brand has taken its hub assembly line to the next level with further improvement in overall design durability and performance improvements with the introduction of WJB HD Hub Assemblies.

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We carry more than 1200 SKUs of wheel hub assemblies with more under continuous developments.